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Tradition, Sustainability, International


About Us

At Emicela we put our heart, soul and body into everything we do.
Our mission is to provide quality, hand-selected and sustainably sourced products.


Products with denomination of origin

At Emicela we strive to meet the required environmental, social and economic sustainability standards.
Our Philosophy

It all started with a modest concept: Create an exceptional product

Coffee is our job, our ritual, our passion and we want to share it with you.
About Us

Our History

The history of the company began to be forged with Mr. Emiliano Arencibia Rivero, a businessman from the port who combined that profession, at the end of the fifties, with a small stall in the Central Market of the capital of Gran Canaria.
Our Fleet

Emicela around the world

We have food production outside the Spanish borders, in particular, in Cape Verde with a juice, coffee and ice cream factory in operation. Emicela’s subsidiaries are located in Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Mauritius Islands and Sri Lanka.

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